Fumi's iPhone App

Today I'm happy to announce that "Fumi's iPhone App" is available at App Store!

iPhone, Android, Facebook etc has enabled individuals to create applications for certain platforms, but now we have entered an era where individuals' CONTENTS can be apps as well, and this iPhone app is part of such experiment.



(You can also search on "Fumi" at App Store)



Loading the app (photo of MachuPicchu from my trip last year)


There are 4 contents on this app: this blog, my Japanese blog, my YouTube channel and my Twitter.


"Favorites" tab.


You can email articles, Tweet/send to Facebook.


I think this experiment is interesting for the following 2 reasons:

1)Changes the relationship between apps, contents and people

Basically, apps in the past were based on services. If you download Twitter client app, you will see the contents of various people's tweets. There had been aggregating services like Friendfeed, but that too, will have loads of contents from loads of people.

"Fumi's app" is an application based on me- a person. If you want to see more examples, search on "Guy Kawasaki" at app store and you can find his app. For this experiment I used my own blog, but maybe I can display something that is not created by me, but rather something I am interested in and want to show to my followers (as long as I can clear copyright issue). The important and interesting thing is that these contents and app are person-centric, and I am hoping that there will be more interesting apps being launched :)

2)Non-engineers can create apps!

I'm not an engineer nor programmer. MotherApp BlogEngine was what made it possible for me to create my iPhone app. If you enter your RSS feed URL, Twitter name, a description of your blog, two images then you can create your own native iPhone app with zero coding. MotherApp will also take care of submitting the app to Apple for approval and notifies you when it’s available for download.(I have not done this yet, but by using mobile ad, you will be able to gain ad revenue as well.) People who has interesting ideas and contents but does not have programming skills would be able to create their own apps which I think is AWESOME.

You can sign up for your own app here:

**About MotherApp**

MotherApp is a startup based in HongKong, has an office in Silicon Valley and Tokyo. The founder-Ken Law is an ex-Googler.

As various application development platforms (such as iPhone, Android, etc) increases, it would be difficult for companies to decide which platform they should focus on. They need to use SDK that each platform provides which increases complexity. MotherApp Engine enables developers to create apps using HTML, and for multiple platforms including iPhone, Android, WindowsMobile, Blackberry and Symbian with one source code.

MotherApp's mission is to create an environment where "Everyone can app".

This is how the source code looks like:

According to their blog, one of their interns created an iPhone app called "Traveler SOS" using MotherApp in just 1 week. Traveler SOS allows you to call the local emergency number in just one click- you might want to install this app if you travel a lot :)