Half a year after 311

Half a year has passed since the 311 incident. There was a Magnitude 9.0 earthquake, which led to tsunami, fire, landslide, and nuclear power plant accident.

311 was a chance for the media to change their attitudes- for example, NHK (National TV station of Japan) allowed a junior highschool student to livestream their news contents on Ustream, and they ended up livestreaming themselves, too. They also officially uploaded some of the video clips on YouTube which you can see here:

Many citizens shot videos of the tsunami as well- to keep these lessons in mind for the future, I will post some of those clips here:

Tsunami in Oirase



Minami Sanriku


Sendai Airport

A ship of Maritime Safety Agency crossing the tsunami

Fukushima Power Plant explosion

Fukushima nuclear power plant after explosion

There still are people working IN that power plant to cool down and terminate the reactor... video message from them.

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