Ad spending

According to Nikkei Ad Research, ad spending of listed companies in Japan in FY2007 has decreased 1.9%, totalling 3 trillion 392.4 billion yen.

This is TOP 10 Japanese ad spending listed companies.

This is US version (data source Ad Age, you can see the whole list of top 100 companies here)

I see Toyota, SONY and Nissan here... and SONY is not in Japanese version.

BTW, according to Masayuki Hagiwara, CEO of Netratings Japan, Softbank was placed 4th in last year's ranking and it is not in the ranking this year despite the fact that we see Softbank's ads everywhere.

He went on to check Softbank's financial report [ja] and the numbers are as follows:

FY 2006: 62,692(million yen)
FY 2007: 22,397(million yen)

This is because Softbank included sales promotion fees in ad spending fees till last year, and from FY 2007 they changed it to another category (which was 53,484 million yen).

If the category was the same, the numbers would have been:

FY 2007: 75,881(million yen)

This means that it would be ranked 4th again with 21% increase from last year.

"This number makes more sense" says Hagiwara. Totally agree :)