Female Internet Users in Japan

Video Research Interactive released a research report on websites that have higher percentage of female users with 20-34 years of age (called F1 category), and CNet Japan wrote an article on it.

Following is a post based on that data/article.

The result was no big surprise- "communication sites" "online shopping sites" and "gourmet sites" were among the top used websitesb by F1 category. I think it clearly shows those women are taking in those websites into their lifestyles (shopping, gourmet and communication).

"mixi", the social network service was #1 with more than 4million users and 27.7% of them is the F1 category.

Online shopping sites includes "Bell Maison Net" (#2), "Nissen" (#3) "Ochanoko Net" (#10) and "DHC" (#13).

Gourmet sites includes recipe site "Cookpad" (#5) and restaurant sites such as "HotPepper" (#6), Tabelog (#8) and "Gournavi" (#11).

This research was conducted on 200 supposedly top domains. Percentage of F1 category for all of the domains is 11.8%.