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On 9/8, I went to join the Festival of Web developers in Japan- HTML5 Conference 2012 [ja].

Back in August 2011, html5j community and Google Japan co-hosted Chrome+HTML5 Conference[ja] at Google Japan office, but despite there were more than 1,000 registrants our office was only able to host 200- we needed to do a lottery and reject 800 registrants from participating...sad. @komasshu (Kensaku Komatsu) - the conference leader this year was very eager to fix that, and this year the conference was hosted by the html5j community, held in Keio University Hiyoshi Campus, with the capacity of 1,000- and decided to do it first-come first server rather than doing a lottery. What happened was that there was over 1,000 registration in less than 30 hours, and we needed to close the registration quickly...

Expectation towards HTML5 technology in Japan is huge, and we were able to learn that directly from those situation as well as from the excited crowd at the conference venue :D

HTML5 developer/designer community "html5j[ja]" is also growing rapidly -Google Groups[ja] surpassed 5,000 members and growing.


Keynote by @takoratta (Takuya Oikawa) and @shumpei (Shunpei Shiraishi)- talking about the past, present and future of HTML5. Slides[ja] and video [ja]


Time table and all of the session slides and videos can be seen here[ja]- although all of them are in Japanese.

If you are interested in what Japanese developers are interested in now, the top 3 was WebIntents, WebGL/Three.js, and WebRTC.

"The next generation web led by WebIntents" by @komasshu

"WebGL and Three.js" by @yomotsu. Twitter was abuzz (including those who weren't at the venue) with his demo controling MikuMikuDance using Three.js. He introduced many other cool stuff-  including JSARToolKit - note that Japanese developers loves AR (augmented reality).

"Let's learn about WebRTC" by @technohippy and his slides

Sidenote: WebRTC was used in "Movi.Kanti.Revo" - Chrome Experiment by Circue du Soleil. If there is anyone who has not seen it, you should turn on your camera on your computer and give it a try from here > http://www.movikantirevo.com/ 
If you are interested in how this was created, check out the articles in HTML5 Rocks:Getting Started With WebRTCMovi Kanti Revo - Part 1: Building The 3D World  
and watch this video "Chrome Office Hours: Movi Kanti Revo—Behind the Divs"


The programs in the hall started with the keynote, continued by a session by @myakura entitled "HTML, CSS and APIs" - slides and video, then there was the session "Web design in the HTML5 era".

Then, some panel discussions continued including "The viewpoint of the experts in the state of the art Web",  and 2 hour long panel covering "The game developers who tackle the next generation Web technologies" first half and second half, followed by the special sessions and Lightning Talks.

[Developer Track]

Some of the sessions from developer track includes "The forefront of tough mobile development using HTML5" by @tkihiraVideo here- quote "the forefront of mobile HTML5 is how to use Canvas / CSS3 and make the speed faster". Mobile web is super important in Japan, so this session seemed to be very popular. Others included "What's new in Chrome Apps / Extensions?" by @agektmr (slides and video),  "Customizing jQuery Mobile" by @yoshikawa_t (slides and video), "HTML5 and IE10 and Windows8" by @ykasugai"How to make lightweight web applications" by @os0x (slides and video).

[Designer Track]

When you look at the source of various famous websites, you start seeing odd stuff that you as developer would rather learn not to do... @futomi did a session called "Collection of  weird HTML5 markups"- video and slides.

Other sessions from designer track included "Sass", "Evolution of CSS and new web tool", "User Interface Design Pattern With CSS3" and "Technical artists in gree that supports the smartphone games geared toward the world".

[Advanced Track]

Apart from the WebIntents, WebGL and Three.js, WebRTC sessions mentioned above, this track included "How to create parallax and responsive website using jQueryMobile" by @shumpei (slides and video), and "HTML Web Platform" session.


Last year's conference was co-hosted by html5j community and Google Japan- this year, in the spirit of the community "Connect, learn, and get excited", the community reached out to a broader web world. Platinum sponsors includes Google Japan, NTT Communications, Microsoft, Adobe, CA Mobile, gree and DeNA, and many more gold/silver/special/media sponsors. Thanks to all the sponsors for making the event happen!

The fun

I don't know why... but the Japanese developers loves to wear costumes ;)

HTML5 paper tattoo and github stocking.

HTML5 Conference 2012

HTML5 quiz!

HTML5 Conference 2012

HTML5 cake and  CSS3 cake.

HTML5 Conference 2012HTML5 Conference 2012

Lunch in school cafeteria- not something you can experience everyday!

Groups photo

With all the staffs, volunteers, speakers and sponsors:


Press article list and summary of tweets.

tweets with #html5j allhttp://togetter.com/li/369827
tweets with #html5j_adesigner trackhttp://togetter.com/li/369834
tweets with #html5j_bdeveloper trackhttp://togetter.com/li/369836
tweets with #html5j_cadvanced trackhttp://togetter.com/li/369837

This blog post is full of illustrations and cute! HTML5 Conference 2012.report

It was great to see the HTML5 community in Japan to expand, and the Conference to be supported by so many developers, companies and participants - the developer ecosystem. Thanks again to all the staffs, volunteers, speakers, sponsors and participants for making such a wonderful and successful conference!!

"html5j" is the community that organized this conference- in addition to that, they have been hosting monthly study groups solely on HTML5 with average 100 participants per session. Every. Single. Month. Amazing.

Topics covered includes:
0 Webkit/HTML5 study group
1 Webkit/HTML5 study group
2 Webkit & Opera/HTML5 study group
3 Webkit/HTML5 study group
4 HTML5 study group (Chrome extensions, Web Sockets)
5 HTML5 study group (Web Platform, HTML5 & API & IE9, HTML5 visual API)
6 HTML5 study group (HTML5 from video site, Lunascape6 and HTML5)
HTML5 study group techtalk special (W3C widget, physicSketch, xhr2 streaming, closure library etc)
7 HTML5 study group (Google I/O 2010 update, Audio Data API, WebSocket, etc)
8 HTML5 study group (IE9, Epub/CSS and Japanese layout and ebooks, DaVinciPad, WebSocket)
9 HTML5 study group (WebSocket, SVG, Geolocation, WebSRT, etc)
10 HTML5 study group (smartphone dev framework- jQTouch, jQuery Mobile, Phone Gap, Sencha Touch)
11 HTML5 study group (HTML5 and smartphone browser- HTML5& Android/iPhone, mobile browser)
12 HTML5 study group (Web Directions East guesttalk- state of HTML5, jQuery Mobile, etc)
13 HTML5 study group (NicoNicoDouga and HTML5, ShareCast, FileAPI, WebSocketRemote for iOS)
14 HTML5 study group (Titanium Mobile, Google Chrome OS/WebStore)
15 HTML5 study group (HTML5 for non-developers- jQuery Mobile, HTML5+OpenSocial+Raptor, etc)
16 HTML5 study group (What should we consider when developing web services that anyone can use?)
17 HTML5 study group (editors and authoring tool in HTML5 era- Dreamweaver CS5.5, Visual Web Developer Express, Vim)
18 HTML5 study group (Google I/O 2011 report, Closure Library)
19 HTML5 study group (Best practices- PJAX, Box2DJS, responsive web design, develop for TV)
20 = Chrome+HTML5 Conference
21 HTML5 study group (Game application development for smartphones by mobage, gree, ameba)
22 HTML5 study group (Graphics related APIs- processing.js, SVG, WebGL )
23 HTML5 study group (Device APIs- Stream API, GeoHex&GeoLocation API)
24 HTML5 study group (Omnibus)
25 HTML5 study group (Web and consumer electronics)
26 HTML5 study group (Web and e-publishing)
27 HTML5 study group (Designing rich clients)
28 HTML5 study group (HTML5 Businesses)
29 HTML5 study group (JavaScript Mobile frameworks)
30 HTML5 study group (Mobile UI frameworks)
31 HTML5 study group (JavaScript MVC frameworks)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect those of my employer. -Fumi Yamazaki

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