Android developer communities in Japan

I wrote a blog post that there are so many tech events in Japan, thought it might be good to write another post about Android developer communities.

Japan Android Group

There are various Android communities in Japan, the largest one is "Japan Android Group[ja]" with 21,501 members in Google Groups[ja], 70% of which are developers. There are 78 members in the organizing committee[ja], led by Makoto Anjo.

They have 36 regional groups all around Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Hokkaido 2008/11/29-     Tohoku 2009/10/29-     Aomori 2012/03/23-
Akita 2011/10/28-     Aizu 2011/03/04-     Ibaragi 2011/07/10-
Gunma 2010/07/10-     Saitama 2010/08/28-     Chiba 2011/04/29-
Tama 2010/06/29-     Machida 2010/09/18-     Akihabara 2012/02/10-
Yokohama 2010/07/04-     Yokohama Business 2011/04/20-
Yokosuka 2012/02/21-     Niigata 2010/07/15-     Kanazawa 2009/04/25-
Fukui 2010/03/07-     Yamanashi 2011/04/22-     Tokai 2009/10/24-
Hamamatsu 2011/03/12-     Kanasai 2009/02/21-     Kyoto 2010/12/19-
Sakai 2011/06/10-     Kobe 2010/07/31-     Chugoku 2009/05/16-
Oakayama 2009/07/18-     Shikoku 2009/06/26-     Fukuoka 2009/09/26-
Saga 2010/02/20-     Nagasaki 2010/07/12-     Kumamoto 2010/06/28-
Oita 2010/02/06-     Miyazaki 2010/08/01-     Kagoshima 2010/02/10-
Okinawa 2009/10/17-

They have a bunch of working groups:

HandsOn sessions working group, Android-SDK working group
Mashup working group, Contents working group
Embedded working group, PF working group
DalvikVM working group, Market Place working group
Business working group

They organize various events[ja], once a month in Tokyo with 300 participants, and more all around Japan. Total number of the events hosted by Japan Android Group counts nearly 500 events.

This is a screenshot of the recent ones:

They also organize the largest Android conference in Japan called "Android Bazaar and Conference [ja]", twice a year. Some of this conference counted more than 3,000 attendees, and the planning and execution is done 100% by the community members and volunteer staffs. The recent one was held in March 2012, with 11 simultaneous tracks. Time table, slides and videos can be seen from here [ja].

Translations of the session:

- Changing Web - Impact of Cloud and Cloud Devices by Fujio Maruyama (Japan Android User Group)
- Cloud 2.0 - Building Information Platform by Yasuhiko Taniwaki (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

Developer Sessions 
-Docomo Developers Program & Building Contents for Docomo Devices (NTT Docomo)
-Human-centric technology on Fujitsu's Smartphone (Fujitsu)
-Introducing technologies included in "2011 Autumn Spring Model"including battery power conserving technology, and proposals for developers (Sharp)
-Full Picture of Android / Intel R Architecture (Intel)
-Sensing new World: KDDI's AR brand "SATCH" (KDDI Research Engineer) & (Toyama University Lecturer)
-Introducing the "Cotton Candy" cStick (FXI Technologies)
-Long Journey to End User Computing (Sharp Business Computer Software)

Design Sessions
-Proposal of Android front-end designs/ beautiful UI designs from a Designer's Perspective
-How to use "Android Design" for Designers (UX Designer)
-How Android Developers & Designers Can Efficiently Work Together (Tonchi Dot) & (Redo)
-A popular Android Game- "Nameko (Mushroom detective growing)" (Bee Works)  (Baidu)
-Extreme Fragment UI Programming (uPhyCa)

-Developing Android Applications with Better Java (Gree)
-Strategy to Maximize Smartphone contents of Bandai Namco Games (Bandai Namco Games)
-Square Enix Market ~Proprietary Market Strategy ~ (Square Enix Mobile)

Web Sessions
-Graphics Software used to Design Logos and Designs
-Human Friendly Game Design
-Microsoft's Mobile Web Strategy through Windows Phone (Microsoft)
-Building Smartphone sites, Android Tips & techniques (H2O Space)
-Latest Trend on Native Application with HTML5 & JavaScript (Lexus)

Middleware Sessions 
-Next Generation Mobile Game Development Workflow using Unity (Unity Technology Japan)
- Scaling Titanium Mobile (qnyp)
-Developing Smartphone Applications with Object Oriented Script Programming language Ruby using "Rhodes" (KoubouM)
-Introducing "Arctic.js"- Game Development Framework for Smartphone Browser Games  (DeNA)
-Designing Android Application UX with PhoneGap & jQueryMobile (GMO Internet)

Business Sessions 
-New Strategy for Smartphone Ads (Google Online Partnership Group)
-Get Rich Quickly with Android. Global Cloud Service by Dentsu (Dentsu)
-Advertising through SSP, Case Study (ngi Group, Media Platform)
-Monetizing with Affiliate Marketing Based Content Distribution Platform (Cayto)
-Android Monetization In-App Billing & Reward Advertising (Contents One)

Users Session 
-Analyzing User Application Usage Patterns from User Statistics Data (Voyage Group)
-Introducing Parcoroid (Parco)
-Android Security: Using Android safely (Tao Software)

Media Sessions
-Android Writers Summit
-Analyzing Popular Android Articles (Nikkei BP)  / Analyzing Android Trend from access analysis of Ascii PLUS (Ascii Media Works)
-Differences between Free Online Media & Paper Media. Profitability & Ads, Can we trust online Media while they are dependent solely on ads? (ITMedia Alternative blog)

Extended Sessions 
-Confirmation of User Permission When Smartphone Apps Access Personal Data (The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
-Android Girls Problem as seen from the eyes of Media & Services  / Attractive Android Application
-Talk Session among Engineers of Social Services (GREE / DeNA / mixi)
-Programmer Robocon- Making developers stars and change programming to contents

Specialist Sessions 
-Live Coding: Building Your Own Twitter Log Service in 40 Minutes (Techbooster)
-ABC 2012 Spring Robot Summit
-"BumpRadar" - Application to Detect the Land Level Differences (SmartDrive Meter)
-Smartphone for Social Welfare and Medical Care (Android Social Care Group)
-Tips for Developing Android Application for Android 2.x/3.x/4.x
-Android User Acceptance Test Guideline (Android Test & Evolution Club)
-Live Coding: Corona SDK - Code Less Play More (Japan Corona Group)
-Using OpenNI on Android: NUI application "TreasureHunter" (SIProp Project) 
-mbed & Android 
-Android related Development with Linaro by (Linaro.org) 
-Android UI Story and Techniques
-Designing local Android
-Android Debug Bridge (adb) (Kyoto Micro Computer)
-Verifying Android with SEAndroid (Android Security Group)
-Authoring tools to create Home Application (YSCI International)
-Possibility of Open Source Hardware with ADK (Tori Ningen)
-Androbook Sales Negotiations and One more thing (Crazy Works)
-Supporting Android x86 Architecture- Present and Future
-App Inventor is Not the End (Japan App Inventor User Group) 
-Let's Become Cupids of Android (Android Female Club) 
-Applications to Support the Communications of Handicapped People (TechFirm)
-Introducing Tokyo System House's Efforts on Security & Encryption API (Tokyo System House)

They also had Bazaar portion with 65 demo booths [ja].

They had support from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Gold Sponsors were the 2 major mobile carriers in Japan, and many silver and media sponsors.

OH and they were wearing costumes ;)


Their next ABC conference is planned to be held on October 20th, 2012 in Sendai, and will be called "ICT ERA + ABC 2012" ICT meaning Information Communication Technology, ERA meaning Earthquake Reconstruction Aid, and will be discussing how IT can contribute to reconstruction after the disaster from 311. If you are interested, the website is here[ja]:

Android DEvelopers' cluB (deb)

Deb is a group focused on developers who seriously wants to build high quality Android apps, whereas Japan Android Group welcomes anyone who is interested in Android. They require members to have built and published at least one Android app on Android Market, or have knowledge on devices, or UI design.

Deb currently has around 130 members[ja], and organizes monthly meeting to do programming or sessions. Leaders are Takashi Egawa and Masahiko Adachi, both of whom are developers.


Android Female Club

Android Female Club[ja]or Andronjo is literally a women only Android community, with 635 members, and led by Rin Yano, who is a designer. Some of them are developers, some are designer, some are users. They host various women only events on Android.

There are many more including Android Security Club[ja] (which was founded by a 17 year old developer who was concerned about Android's security),  NFC Lab[ja], and a whole bunch of other communities.

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