"Gununu" was in Buzztter a LOT yesterday.

Buzztter is a service that calculates the buzz words in Twitter, calculated by the hour.
English version is here:
Japanese version is here:

What is Gununu?
It's not a word, it's an expression of a feeling where this character Anna in animation "Ichigo Marshmallows" expressed... she wanted to fight back but couldn't and she was going "Gununu..." or "Grrrr.......".

Gununu itself is just cute, and there's nothing more to it, but the reason I took this up was because I was amazed by people creating more than 1,000 Gununu pictures remixing with other characters. And funny it is, we can generally tell what character it is using :)

This blog has some of those 1000 Gununu pictures...

I thought this is sort of a good example of how Japanese geeks suddenly picks something up and starts creating massive remix out of it :D