iShare Inc. did a research on their e-mail magazine readers.

One of the interesting results was that when they were asked "what does www mean?" 47.0% answered laughter not world wide web.

In the age breakdown, 61.2% of the twenties and 43.1% of the thirties replied they think it means laughter not world wide web.

Q: What does www mean?

Data source: Ishare.Inc

In Japanese, laughter is "warai" and people often uses "w" for laughter, "www" for more laughter, "wwwwwww" for a big laughter, etc.

You can see the whole survey result here though it's in Japanese.

I couldn't stop laughing when Evan Williams twitter this:

I think at least some of them were the Japanese trying to find funny stuff :P

And the post they'd find would be this :P