iCommons Summit 2008

iCommons Summit 2008 is going to be held on 7/29-8/1 at Sapporo Convention Center.


Here's the PR video of iSummit by Anna Berthold

Quote from Joi's blog:

The summit originally started as a gathering of Creative Commons country leads, but had evolved over the years into a global conference of people interested in social, educational, business, technical, creative, legal and other aspects of sharing, collaborative and open models for doing just about everything. I think it is the most interdisciplinary and global meeting of its kind.

Keynote speeches include Erin McKean, David Wiley, Rebecca MacKinnon, Paul Keller, and many more from overseas.

Japanese keynote speakers are Joi Ito, Hiroaki Kitano and Tsuguhiko Kadokawa.

Jimmy Wales will be giving the keynote via Second Life.

You can see the complete list of the keynote speakers here.

Other than the keynote, there are 6 labs conveying various topics.

Open Education Policy and Practice in a New Century: Implementing What Works

A track dedicated to knowledge-sharing among open education practitioners and the development of new global initiatives to spread open educational tools, policies and practice to countries around the world.

Open Business

A track designed to both introduce newcomers to the basic concepts of open business tools and practices such as the newly-launched CC+ protocol as well as to collaborate on new global initiatives that will further the goals of the open business community.

Local Context Global Commons: Open Publishing

A track that will showcase regional and local approaches to the concept of Free Culture around the world - and will highlight initiatives such as Wikipedia and Global Voices that are developing innovative approaches to the localisation of global projects.

DIY video

This track will focus on how you 'do' open video by exploring best practices for producing and distributing open film.

Frontiers of Openness in Japan

A Japanese-language track coordinated by the ccJapan team to debate and discuss the commons in relation to Japan, and to plan how to spread ideas about Free Culture and the Commons.This track is conducted in Japanese only.

Parallel Event:
Research Workshop on Free Culture

The First International Research Workshop on Free Culture will gather academics and researchers who are interested in furthering scholarship in the Commons and Free Culture, providing a space for them to share the results of their work and develop ideas for further collaboration.