People you should meet at iSummit2008- Yasuhiro Nakanishi

Yasuhiro Nakanishi

-who is he?-

Nakanishi-san works for Dentsu, which is the largest ad agency in Japan.

He is currently working on an International Technical Standard for Digital Rights Permission Code with the following components:

1) Content ID (identifies the content)
2) From ID (identifies the rights holder or permission manager)
3) To ID (identifies the distributor, consumer or device)
4) N digital rights permission code (expresses specific, detailed usage permission conditions)

You can see his presentation here:

As many organizations are currently looking into establishing the copyright registry system all over the world, I think it is important that people considering similar projects to be in discussion with each other. If iSummit can be a place where people can share their plans, opinions, discussions to make the system better, it would be awesome.

-when will he be in the summit?-

7/30 and 7/31 AM only.