Second Life at iSummit 2008

iCommons Summit 2008 will have Second Life portion.

iSummit in Second Life can be enjoyed here:

Here is the schedule of SL events: basically we are streaming the keynote speeches.

The island of the City of Sapporo is the main island to cover the events.

There will also be a contest among Second Life residents to build a dynamic, interactive three-dimensional version of the iSummit logo, organized by David Orban.

Jimmy Wales, who cannot come to Sapporo will give his keynote within Second Life, transmitted simultaneously to the live physical audience.

There will also be satellite locations during the summit for the streaming.

Also, Metabirds- a Japanese SL creative company- has started an event to educate about Creative Commons, show the videos of the past iCommons Summit, promote people to create items within SL with CC license, etc.

This venue is completely in Japanese.


Here you can learn about the 6 CC basic licenses.

Here you can watch the videos from the former iSummit.

Here you can try out the sandbox to create CC licensed objects.