People you should meet at iSummit2008- Hiroyuki Itoh

Hiroyuki Itoh

-who is he?-

Itoh-san is the managing director of Crypton Future Media, which created a DTM software called "Hatsune Miku".

I have written TONS of posts on Hatsune-Miku because it was actually a phoenomenon making software which enables the users to make the character Miku- with an anime voice actor's voice- sing the songs they inputed.

People started composing lots of music, uploaded them on video sharing sites, others started to sing those songs, play with orchestra, created videos for those music, 3D videos for them, and some even started to create 3D modelling software for Miku. It really created a cycle of creativity around various users and artists.

You can read my introduction to Hatsune-Miku post here, but Itoh-san says he will bring his PC to the summit and if there is anyone who wants to know about Miku, he'd be happy to speak or demo for you. I think you really should take this chance- it is really awesome. Must see.

Bio of Itoh-san:

Managing director of Crypton Future Media, Inc. The Company's motto is "Get the inspirations from sounds". Having more than 50 business partners all over the world, Crypton is in the business of licensing/distributing several million sound contents in Japan, creating/delivering contents for mobile phone, as well as developing search technology of sounds. The company is also known as a developer of "HATSUNE MIKU" singing software. Since this year, Mr. Itoh also serves as a guest professor at Hokkaido Information University.

-which session can I see him?-

He will be on the panel "Copyright from Creators' Perspective" with Joi Ito, Kenji Eno and Tadashi Fukuda on 8/1 @ 11:30, but unfortunately this session is Japanese only and no translation. I highly recommend you talk with him directly.

-when will he be in the summit?-

He will be at the summit on 7/30-8/1.