People you should meet at iSummit2008- Yuji Arakawa

Yuji Arakawa

-who is he?-

Arakawa-san is the CEO of Japan Rights Clearance (JRC), which is one of the collecting agencies in Japan.

In Japan, JASRAC had been the largest and dominant collecting agency for more than 60 years due to the law, and still has nearly 99% share of the market (music copyright payment based), even after private companies like JRC entered the market. This is largely because JASRAC has a system where the TV stations needs to pay JASRAC 1.5% of the revenue and in return they can use JASRACed music as much as they like. It's sort of a fixed fee contract. If the TV station wants to use other agencies' music, they need to pay separately, but as long as they used JASRAC's music, they do not need to pay extra fee. This accelerated the TV stations' use of JASRACed music, made a strong barrier to the competitors.

This domination of the market was criticized repeatedly.

Arakawa-san had been working for an advertising agency creating sponsored entertainment projects. He then became a board member of a company that planed and operated concerts, and in 1995 became a staff of an epoch-making internet live of Ryuichi Sakamoto, and felt strongly that the network will impact the way content industry and the rights would become. This experience led him to found a new collecting agency- JRC in the year 2000.

JRC is funded by 11 music productions. They have contract with famous artists such as L'Arc-en-Ciel, Spitz, Mr.Children, Shogo Hamada, Ringo Shiina, etc.

As the "collecting agency of the new era", JRC is constantly challenging new schemes and projects. In March 2008, for the first time in Japanese collecting agencies, JRC made a contract with Google (YouTube)- which states that "as for JRC-managed music, users can sing/play the music and upload to YouTube. " (Uploading the music by artist is copyright violation)





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