People you should meet at iSummit2008- Paul Keller

Paul Keller

Photo CC-BY Joi Ito

-who is he?-

Paul Keller is the CC Netherlands project lead, coordinates the collecting societies working group of Creative Commons International, and the board of iCommons, and senior project lead of tech for Knowledgeland.

He led a bunch of legendary projects such as CC Netherlands to get funded by the government, and also got CC Netherlands to do an experimental project with the collecting society "Buma/Stemra" where they allow artists to make their works available using non-commercial CC licenses. Very impressive.

Video by Fumi Yamazaki

Bio of Paul Keller is as follows:

Paul Keller is senior project lead of technology and the public domain at Knowledgeland, an Amsterdam based think tank. He is public project lead for Creative Commons in the Netherlands and coordinates the collecting societies working group of Creative Commons International. He has been on the board of iCommons from 2005.

Prior to joining Knowledgeland Paul Keller headed the Public Domain programme of Waag Society, an Amsterdam based research and development lab for new media. He holds a masters degree in Comparative Political Science (University of Amsterdam, 2002).

-which session can I see him?-

He is the keynote speaker on 8/1.
Title of his speech is "Collecting Societies -Mars Landing-"

This presentation will explore the evolving relationship between Collecting Societies and individual rights management practices as expressed through the use of Creative Commons licenses by musicians and other free culture practitioners. The past three years have seen intensive interactions between Collecting Societies and Creative Commons and over the last year we have seen the emergence of experiments that explore the potential of combining collective rights management and individual rights management.

I will reflect on the history and role of collecting societies, the challenges posed by Creative Commons and other individual rights management practices to the status quo and the models that seek to combine the two.

There are currently two different approaches of combining (NC) CC licensing with collective rights management. In the Netherlands (highly regulated and restrictive) and Denmark (more or less a laisser faire approach). the presentation will describe these approaches and the processes that have lead to them coming into being and explore future scenarios.

He will also be speaking in the Open Business track at 7/31 11:30 at room 108.
Mars Landing: How Collecting Societies Have Opened

Open business models in the music industry have a strong link to collecting societies. The field is broader than the discussion about collecting societies although at the moment collecting societies are one of the important players.

This session is a panel discussion around the issues at the intersection between the open music business and collecting societies. There have been some significant changes recently in the collecting societies regime and these will be grappled with in this session. At least half of the time in the session will be dedicated to open discussion.

-when will he be in the summit?-

He will be in the summit the whole period- from Day0 to Day3. yay!


ポール=ケラーさんはCCオランダのトップ、iCommonsの役員、Knowledgelandというアムステルダムのシンクタンクの技術トップ等を兼務しつつ、Creative Commons Internationalのcollecting societies(日本でいうJASRAC等)のワーキンググループのコーディネータをしています。

オランダが先進的な国であることは事実ですが、それにしてもCCオランダの運営資金調達を政府相手に行って成功したり、CC オランダのcollecting societyである "Buma/Stemra" と共同実験を行い、ミュージシャンが非営利利用の場合はCCライセンスを選べるようにしたりと、ものすごい企画推進力のある人です。

基調講演(8/1)も行いますし、また Open Businessのセッションではオープンな音楽ビジネスとcollecting societiesのあり方について、近年見られる色々な変化についてディスカッションするということで、JASRAC等の問題に関心がある方は是非彼のセッション(7/31 11:30@ room 108) に参加することをお勧めします。